Where to go When

People always ask us, what destinations are popular? Where is the “in” place to go and when’s the best time to go there. With so many destinations to choose from we have made a few suggestions to take you from January to December:


  • Sri Lanka – A jewel of an island set in the Indian Ocean
  • Australia – Fantastic culture, stunning cities and beautiful beaches
  • Mauritius – Breathtakingly beautiful coastline
  • New Zealand – Home to some of the world’s most impresive scenery


  • Jamaica – Dazzling white sand and a laid back lifestyle
  • Malaysia – Striking landscapes and lush rainforests
  • Lanzarote – Endless sunshine, beaches and volcanoes
  • Cambodia – Secluded beaches, glistening rivers and an interesting culture


  • Mexico – Ancient culture, colonial charm and gorgeous beaches
  • Grenada – Sweeping beaches mountains, spice trees and waterfalls
  • China – Explore some of the oldest wonders of the world
  • Cuba – Bursting with personality and Latin American rhythm


  • Antigua – A beach for every day of the year
  • Netherlands – Visit the famous tulips and discover the city of canals
  • Maldives – Atolls of paradise, white sands and turquoise lagoons
  • Dubai – Cosmopolitan combined with rich culture


  • Cyprus – Home of the Aphrodite – The Goddess of Love
  • Majorca – Beautiful scenery and something for everyone
  • Greek Islands – Secluded coves, sunshine and authentic charm
  • Bermuda – Pink sand beaches, pastel cottages and British traditions


  • Turkey – Delight in the nations magical charms
  • Barbados – Colonial elegance and lively atmosphere
  • Brazil – So much more than carnivals and football
  • New York – The buzz of the Big Apple


  • Seychelles – Idyllic islands full of romantic hideaways
  • Dominican Republic – Pristine and palm fringed beaches
  • Sicily – A true Italian experience
  • Iceland – A European hot spot, where the sun never sets


  • Italy – Traditional beauty, fabulous food and romance
  • Portugal – Beautiful coastline and climate with a welcome breeze
  • Canada – Discover diverse scenery
  • Austria – Cities, lakes and mountains


  • Hawaii – Island hopping around diverse and magnificent islands
  • Croatia – Discover the ancient cities and the beautiful national parks
  • South Africa – Perfect country for a safari holiday with culture
  • Morocco – Interesting Arab culture and customs


  • Gambia – African sunshine and a warm welcome
  • Las Vegas – The city that never sleeps
  • Bali – The archetypal tropical paradise
  • Egypt – Crystal clear seas and pristine coral reefs


  • Florida – Amazing rollercoasters and beautiful beaches & wetlands
  • Kenya – Walk on the wild side
  • Goa – A haven for taste buds and the spirit
  • Bahamas – Natural, historic and cultural treasures


  • Cuba – Silver sand beaches with a Caribbean flair
  • Thailand – Exotic beaches, vibrant cities and lush jungle
  • Cayman Islands – Enticingly tropical and surprisingly sophisticated
  • Vietnam – Unspoiled places of contrasting landscapes